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StrongBack Pipeline Leak Repair / Reinforcement

We do not stop at investigating the extent of corrosion defects in pipelines; we effect the necessary remediation.

This is by means of an innovative and highly efficient product called StrongBack Composite Pipeline Reinforcement System. Manufactured by our American partner Patchmasters International Corporation. StrongBack is a resin impregnated fibre tape that sets to rock-hardness minutes after being applied.

Unlike metal clamps and sleeves, it is relatively weightless and non-conductive up to about 16,000 volts - an advantage in lines cathodically protected, by preventing attenuations (current leakages and voltage losses). It is economical, easy to apply. Heat resistant and practically not affected by acids, pipeline products and other hydrocarbons.





The StrongBack System offers:

Repair and reinforcement of sub-sea pipelines and other submerged structures without the need for special habitats and without interrupting the line service.

Repair and reinforcement of on-shore and in-plant pipelines without interrupting the line service.

Repair and coating of pipelines in just one procedure thereby eliminating of welding, cut-outs, metal sleeves, clamps and other conventional repair methods and many more solutions for pipeline rehabilitation and corrosion.